architect and landscape architect

Work experience and collaborators:

Marta Lata
Mateusz Pietryga
Guðni Brynjólfur Ásgeirsson
Mesi Koponen
Yoann Rouzières
Janina Sánchez Cárdenas
Camila Urrego 
Gustav Jerlvall Jeppson
Einar Jarmund Arkitekter
Lund Hagem Arkitekter

Selected publications, exhibitions and awards

NLA Annual Review (Cultivation Gardens of Ringerike)
AHO WORKS Best Landscape Architecture Diploma 2022 (Cultivation Gardens of Ringerike)
Archdaily (Villa Furuholmen)
Finnish Architectural Review, Finland  (Villa Furuholmen)
Dagens Næringsliv, Norway  (Villa Furuholmen, Apostrophe)
Bo Bedre Magazine, Norway  (Villa Furuholmen) 
Divisare (Villa Furuholmen) 
Enki magazine, UK (Villa Furuholmen)
Residence magazine, Sweden (Villa Furuholmen)
CASAS Internacional 188, Argentina (Villa Furuholmen)
Avivre magazine, Frankrike (Villa Furuholmen)
Exhibition “Building While Travelling” at Brown University 

Sarita is a trained architect from Aalto University in Finland, and graduate landscape architect from The Oslo School for Architecture and Design. In addition, she studied at Rhode Island School of Design. She founded her own office, Helsinki-based RÅ architecture, in 2016 and has several years of experience working for offices in both Helsinki and Oslo.  She works in depth with context and engages with a range of scales from creating spatial atmospheres to developing large-scale landscape strategies. Sarita sees beauty in material detailing to water management and aims for projects that are sustainable and contextual. She writes, makes prints, builds models and creates tangible experiences.

+47 45 97 23 99